Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day Mega Post

Six whole posts before I even checked the site?

April Fools day. On this day, SegaLeaks becomes a complete joke, instead of people being so stupid that they make things funny.

I'd take the following two administrative announcements with a grain of salt since it's April fools day.

WordPress asks SegaLeaks to "withdraw" from "women's entertainment." This is pretty funny because SegaLeaks tries to sound important by saying that WordPress asked them to withdraw. WordPress is a free site and posting stuff like that is probably a violation of their terms of service. Since WordPress is a free site, the email was probably more like "your account is in violation, cease immediately or you will be shut down."

A "moderation team" has allegedly been reinstated. I say allegedly because the only person who doesn't think SegaLeaks is a shit hole deserving of all the stupid comments it gets is Ringtard. So, team is more like lone ranger in this case

Now we have more some completely irrelevant posts.

Also, the 3DS has "bombed" in the UK. That's fascinating considering the fact that with 113,000 units sold in the UK it's Nintendo's most successful hardware launch in the region.

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