Saturday, April 2, 2011

It gets funnier...

SegaLeaks dusted off the "Internal Workings of games industry from a Japanese correspondant" blog today in an attempt to confirm more bullshit.

Want to know what's really funny?

The blog is claiming Surfer Girl as a writer. Surfer Girl of Surfer Girl Reviews Star Wars? Surfer Girl who stopped blogging about 4 years ago and hasn't been heard of since? Even Surfer Girl would recognize a Wii 2 having an ARM processor as retarded, especially with how Nintendo pushes backwards compatibility.

Nice try, SegaLeaks. Protip: there are lots of free email services. Here's what you can do with them; you can use them to register multiple blogging accounts. Check this out, this shit is going to blow your fucking mind. I hope your ass is firmly planted in a chair, because it's about to be blown out. If you register different accounts, you can post on the blog with different accounts. This would make your bullshit seem ten times less like... well, bullshit. Here's what I mean; on all of your blogs, you post under one account. They all come from the SegaLeaks account, and then you just add a different writing author. Same goes for your "Japanese source" blog which doesn't have a concise name that lends itself to retyping.

If you want to lie effectively, you shouldn't make claims that Sega's profits for fiscal 2011 will be $500 million or more. Pray tell, where exactly would that $500 million come from? Sonic 4? Vanquish? Surely not. Sega didn't have many high profile games in the past year, and Sega's Q3 results didn't paint a pretty picture for Vanquish. It made money, but, it's not giving anybody profits of $500 million.

Funding not a problem? Funding is definitely a problem. If Sega launched a console, they'd be sucking so many dicks for money that they'd make Lindsay Lohan look like Mother Teresa. Cocaine isn't cheap, and neither is launching a console.

Shenmue III costing less than $20 million? For me to believe that, you'd have to get me a stash of drugs that puts Hunter S. Thompson to shame, even with your beloved ray tracing.

I can't figure out how to end this post, so I'll just say that in fiscal year 2010 Sega had $40 million invested into R&D. Go look at their annual report. If Shenmue III costs less than $20 million, then that means this console was also developed for $20 million. Sega must have some seriously cheap bastards running the place. I sure as shit can't figure these numbers out.

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