Sunday, April 3, 2011

Contradictions inbound; Ringtard disagrees with Morris, Morris disagrees with Holzhauer

Shocking news today as Ringtard bites the hand that feeds him. He has disagreed with Zach Morris' statement that a PS4 will be available in 2013 saying "BTW, there will be NO PS4."

This is a very shocking revelation, as it means that several things could be happening to ringtard.

1. Ringtard is agreeing with Brian Holzhauer. This could never happen though, because Brian Holzhauer is a disgusting human being (read: personality) who posts asses. Incidentally, Ringtard agreeing with Holzhauer means that Morris disagrees with Holzhauer. This site is more scattershot than Chris Tucker after smoking PCP in Friday. One day something is cancelled, the next day it's on. This PS4 release date is now very set in stone though.

2. Ringtard is becoming the troll he accuses SegaReeks' royal followers and fans (and there are a lot of you; we've had almost 600 hits in less than a month) of being. You can't disagree with Zach Morris or Haneda. If you do, you're a troll.

3. Ringtard is beginning to think he knows enough to be a source. Honestly, this is the funniest possible scenario. That's all the SegaLeaks writers did. "Hey... I know Sega pretty well. I'm going to make guesses about what they're going to do and say it's fact!" I await your illiterate blog, Ringtard. Protip: Your shows possession. You're is a shortening of you are. You're on your own with there/their/they're. It'd be too hard to educate you in those. I'm getting a business degree, not a teaching certificate.

4. Ringtard's less than 24-hour stint as mod at Dreamcast-Talk has given him some sort of ego boost even though he was promptly removed from his position of power.

The future holds exciting things for all of us. None of those things being a new Sega console.

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