Monday, April 4, 2011

Exclusive: Ringedge2010/projectNRT/MrSega/TornadoTatsumaki Retrospective

Some people never stop. They deserve some appreciation. That's why we've decided to make ringtard look more like an idiot honor everyone's favorite bullshit SegaLeaks devotee, Ringtard.

The Man
We may never know more about Ringtard than what Google has compiled in its search database. What do we know? He has an incredible devotion to using proper English, and he has never told a lie. His devotion to spreading the truth is incredible.

The Posts
While we may never know exactly when Ringtard's meteoric rise to idiocy power began, we know some of his early origins.

He seems to have gotten his start at the official Sega forums, brashly claiming that RingEdge wasn't just an arcade board; it was also a console. When an admin interjects that there's genuinely nothing in development, and if he was under an NDA he couldn't even comment in any way, Ringtard says it proves nothing, even though the admin was very cordial in his statement. By browsing the official Sega forums, we can also see that Ringtard's undying reliance on trademarks as bearers of all truth began early. The admin later went on to ban Ringtard, completely surprisingly I might add, for being a troublemaker.

Later, Ringtard arrived at the Mania boards, spouting the same baseless conjecture that RingEdge would also be a console. It went down there largely as it did on the official Sega boards. He surfaces again on the Anime News Network where, as the first post shows, they were quickly annoyed enough by him to track him back to the Mania boards and point out that Ringtard doesn't let logic interfere with his thought process.

Most recently, MrSega has been terrorizing the Dreamcast-Talk boards, where he was previously banned as RingEdge2010 (for covering the board in SegaLeaks' bullshit, I might add), before being given his own rumors forum to create false hope for people gullible enough to believe him. Recently, his pestering of the admin led to a less-than-24-hours stint as a moderator, which was promptly ended once Comrade Snarky and stu pointed out MrSega as being the true troublemaker.

Well Ringtard, when will it end? How long do you have to believe in something false before you give up the ghost? Your fabled RingEdge console never surfaced, and the one you believe in now won't either.

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  1. I just found this blog, and the sad thing is this guy is STILL around, now mostly spreading the same BS on youtube under the name tornado1994. Still 100% wrong and 100% delusional