Monday, March 28, 2011

Breaking news: Comrade Snarky handed content to write about, can't think of anything funny

Breaking news!

It was a sleepy Monday morning in March; literally - Comrade Snarky was taking a nap before going out to get some lunch. Whether or not this is intentional is debatable, since he was watching one of those prison documentary shows at the time, which are his favorite. It is besides the point though, because upon his awakening...

Truly, you cannot understand how happy this made me.

A few things, folks:

1)If you really believe me to be a Sega employee, you should probably stop trying to guess my password on other sites. There's probably some precedent for legal action there, and a Sega employee would have the resources to pursue it.

2)Why the hell would Sega pay someone to argue on the internet? If companies do that, I need to go find a fucking job. I'd make a killing.

3)If I work for Sega, then you should have Mr. Morris (personality #1) have another meet up with Dogdson from Jurassic Park down there in Cancun and prove that I work for Sega.

Fun fact: This shitty little blog started to make fun of you idiots (potentially just one) maintains over half of the hits that you get in the year you've ran your site, and traffic spiked massively when you claimed I was a Sega employee. I'm thinking about monetizing this shit.

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