Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reporting live from Washington

Good afternoon, SegaReeks readers.

SegaLeaks has confirmed today that Sega are hyper-active crackheads when it comes to decision making. A Sega insider had confirmed the launch line-up for a download only console, only to run out and purchase another crack rock. Upon smoking the rock, he reported that the download console was cancelled.

In other news, Zach Morris is reportedly vacationing in Cancun, where he had a rendezvous with another Sega insider.

We have an exclusive photo of the meeting occurring from our man in Cancun, Richard Dunn:
The man reportedly gave Morris a can of shaving cream, stating he was to "collect some of Haneda's DNA" after he had slipped him a note written on a napkin. The napkin is believed to be the document that the Sega truths were written on.

In other news, SegaLeaks appears to be reading, declaring that the Kids Pad is a PICO after one "comradesnarky," rumored to be batting 1000 as well as #winning, declared it to be so.

Stay tuned to SegaReeks, the only valid source for your Sega news.

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