Saturday, March 26, 2011

Slow News Day

It is a slow news day at SegaLeaks. Seriously. What are we supposed to make fun of? That ass is just really fat. It sags. Night Trap is the shittiest piece of shit ever. Why would anyone reminisce about that? I mean, I have a fucking Sega CD. Nothing to remember there, folks, even if the game caused a major controversy.

Hold on a minute...


Strangely enough (not really), all of the user accounts have one post, indicating that this is likely one of our benevolent SegaLeaks dictators falsifying information. This action could be considered an act of war on the people of SegaLeaks, as until this point, they've been entirely trustworthy individuals who are generous to share such truthful information with us. It is alleged that the admins registered all of the voting accounts, and really, who can argue?

When will this deranged psychopath's third personality return from Cancun to restore order? Stay tuned...

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