Thursday, March 31, 2011

SegaLeaks Gets Sadder: Now Making Fake Sites With Fake Articles to Verify Fake Information

When will it end?

This blog popped up earlier today coming from Brian Holzhauer a source within the Japanese gaming industry. Its initial appearance proved how inept truthful the source was, with a world exclusive unveiling of Metal Gear Solid 6 5.

This one is for you, Brian Holzhauer Japanese source:

If you're going to make a fake blog in an attempt to verify your information, you should probably do it on a different day than the day you're running your article. I mean, really Holzhauer Japanese source?

Let's take a look at your blog:

Your first article is posted at 8:10. It generates six comments coming in at 9:53, 9:54, 9:56, 9:58, 10:02 and 10:06. It was a nice touch waiting almost two hours to start putting on fake comments, Holzhauer Japanese source, but they're pretty obviously the fakest comments ever.

Your next article confirming Metal Gear Solid 6 5 was posted 19 (8:29) minutes later. The comments flow in at a nice rate, with postings at 9:59, 10:03 and 10:05. Again, generic comments meaning nothing. Also, Holzhauer Japanese source, that little thing you do where you make a typo and someone quotes it, then you edit it and say the person has bad reading comprehension doesn't really work at all when clearly you're the retarded one.

Ah, another article! This one comes three minutes after the Metal Gear Solid 6 5 announcement. Picking up the pace a little bit. How's your commenting speed on this one, Holzhauer Japanese source? 10:00 and 10:12. Nice spacing. That looks a bit more genuine.

No comments on this one, and it comes 3 minutes after your last comment at 10:15.

Well folks, what has Holzhauer Japanese source taught us today?

You too can build a blog, and you can do it in no time at all!

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