Monday, March 28, 2011

Reporting live from a location further north in Washington

Zach Morris is reportedly still vacationing in Cancun.

Further Sega bullshit is in the cards today, with an uncited claim that a new AMD processor is bound for this alleged Sega console which originally cites an unknown source who goes by the user name of BboyDubC, which really doesn't exude intelligence or confidence as a source, who isn't really Morris' source because it's just a post which he found on NeoGAF, who allegedly works for AMD just like my best friend's uncle who lives on the other side of the state and besides that what the fuck is an allegedly what, 69 or 70 year old man doing on NeoGAF and did anyone realize that for him to be a 36-year veteran of the industry he would have to been around since the fucking Magnavox Odyssey which in turn means... holy fuck this is retarded.

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